Allied Medical and Health Science and Advanced Telecommunications: Emerging utilizations and its need in Indian Healthcare System

P. K. Paul 1, A. Bhuimali, P. S. Aithal


Information Technology and Computational Sciences and other sciences related to Information Processing and Management are playing an important role in Allied Medical and Health Sciences. Allied Medical Science includes (but not limited to) Paramedical Science, Audiology, Radiology, Medical Imaging Technologies, Robotic surgery etc. In all such domains, Telecommunication and Information Technology have played an important and valuable role. Such technologies are helpful in in-house activities and promotion of other allied activities, development of domain including the educational and research development. Apart from developed countries in developing countries also use of IT based systems for better health services and systems is important to consider. This paper talks about Information and Telecommunication Engineering and its importance and continuing significance in the field of Medical and Allied Medical Science.

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